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The Collective

When you adorn your sacred Self with any GAUDESS piece, you are taking a stand for more than luxury: you are choosing to embody Carnelian energy and stand shoulder-to-shoulder in an empowered sisterhood.

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Sisterhood Matters

True power lies among similarly-minded women: those whose positive energy uplifts and inspires others, and whose beauty emanates from the inside. 

 Despite so much painful separation throughout the world, the GAUDESS Collective asserts that we are one: a global community of energetic beings with the power to impact one another and the world around us. 

 That’s why we choose to amplify our interconnected energy with everyday choices that align, connect and reflect the GAUDESS within. 

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Change The World

Worldwide GAUDESS Collective members make meaningful change in their community and fearlessly go after their dreams. They notice one another as they pass, offering words of recognition and encouragement. They build one another up. Their mutual radiance is palpable, infectious and inspired. 

When a community like this has your back, you can achieve anything. 

Do you hear the call of belonging?

GAUDESS stands for the art of conscious adornment that emits positive ripples through energetic fields around you.

​You may be part of the GAUDESS Collective if you are…

- bold in refining and redefining your radiant Self.

- passionate about making an impact in the ways that truly matter.

- part of the interconnected tapestry of awakened women.

- ready to partake in collective joy for other GAUDESS’ successes. 

- attuning yourself to the needs of your spirit.


There are 4 terms you agree to when you purchase any of our products: No. 1 - Truly love yourself, No. 2 - Uplift and inspire others around you, No. 3 - Approach other Gaudesses when you see them, and No. 4 - Rock the brand with your own personal style.