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Today's Gaudess

Just as all goddesses must answer the call to sacred evolution, today’s GAUDESS is rising to embody values of sustainability & positive energetic alignment on personal and global levels.

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More than 20 years ago, GAUDESS® jewelry was born, and today continues to manifest luxury & elegance through shared positivity. 

Owner and designer Amy Walko, has led the company’s evolution. In perfect alignment with the spirit of sisterhood, GAUDESS was originally founded in 2000 by Amy’s real-life sister Michele Goodbread & reached early success with unique beaded designs. In honor of the unlimited GAUDESS potential to unite women through energy & luxury, Amy’s dream is to leave a positive impact on the world.

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A Sacred Evolution

A sacred logo features the vesica piscis, a matriarch of sacred geometry. In distinctive representation of the oneness of all, the GAUDESS logo is a beacon that brings aligned, powerful women together. When you see a GAUDESS wearing it, strike up a conversation and connect!

The GAUDESS Collective offers an energetic home and sisterhood for women who proudly wear GAUDESS pieces as they impact their world and lift one another up. GAUDESS events bring women together for learning, laughter and luxury.

A Stylist's Dream

A fast-favorite of fashion influencers, GAUDESS’ has been embraced by celebrities like Nelly Fartado on the cover of Lady Gunn Magazine, singer Idman for Vevo, and America's Next Top Model Gabrielle Kniery for in exclusive interview for Harper's BAZAAR.

The Gaudess Mission

Is to uplift and inspire others around us & create a positive environment where dreams can be manifested. We embed high vibrational energy into our Carnelian gemstones & into GAUDESS as a whole. We believe if we keep our vibrational energy elevated, it creates a ripple effect of positive energy on us & in our environment.  

Together with her team, Amy Walko is ready to harness the unlimited potential of GAUDESS energy in the years to come. From concept design to packaging, GAUDESS ripples out life-affirming energy to uplift, inspire & connect women every step of the way.

Every GAUDESS story is a celebration of inner beauty, magnetism and reciprocity! Together we make amazing things happen.