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Gaudess Rising

The GAUDESS Collective is a sacred space for poised, potent and positive women who are ready to be seen for the best of who they are, inside and out.  In the light of conscious connection, we shine together and we rise together. 

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We  launched this awareness campaign in support of an amazing organization. There is such power in education and casting light on the darkest places. We want to spread beauty, kindness and love through our brand. It is not enough to offer beautiful products; it is our responsibility to do more," says Amy Walko, CEO and Creative Director at Gaudess.

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Savory Gaudess Treats

Meet & mingle with other Gaudesses while you enjoy the delectable appetizer selection and desserts. Next, explore the GAUDESS® Jewelry Collection, grab a GAUDESS Elixer, & walk the Red Carpet. 

 GAUDESS RISING events bring like-minded women together for fun-filled evenings of learning, laughter, and luxury!