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What is a GAUDESS?

Whilst spending your time, scrolling through the GAUDESS® website, picking out the jewelry that you feel most drawn to… you may be wondering what exactly is a Gaudess and what...

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Gaudess Rising Event at the Don CeSar Hotel 🏨

Greetings to all Gaudesses, First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who attended the most recent GAUDESS© Rising Event at the Don Cesar Hotel! Everyone looked like...

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Product Highlight - Rhea Ring

Hello Gaudesses! At GAUDESS© we have a wide range of options, for all types of jewelry to enhance your look! I love accessorizing with rings, as I feel they add...

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How To Style Your GAUDESS Jewelry 💍

When you choose your jewelry, you have to consider your overall aesthetic! Just like when choosing any accessory to enrich your style, think about synergy with the other pieces you...

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What Does It Mean To Be A GAUDESS Collective Member?

You’ll find yourself in a space surrounded by like-minded women, who uplift and inspire. By resonating with the Carnelian energy incorporated into all GAUDESS pieces, you shine alongside other Gaudesses....

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How To Turn A Boring Outfit Into A Fashionable Outfit With Accessories ✨

All GAUDESSES know that a complete outfit is one that includes both jewelry and accessories: these additions can change an outfit completely as well as what you are revealing about...

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