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Hi Barbie! I mean.. Hey Gaudess! 💗✨

The “Barbie’s world” vision was turned into a reality by designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spencer, so the “Barbie’s world” set existed in the UK consisting of layers...

I’m not sure if you guys know this but most of the Barbie film was actually filmed in the UK! The “Barbie’s world” vision was turned into a reality by designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spencer, so the “Barbie’s world” set existed in the UK consisting of layers with 3-D and 2-D elements. Quoting the director Greta Gerwig: "We were literally creating the alternate universe of Barbie Land, everything needed to be tactile, because toys are, above all, things you touch.” So since the UK was home to Barbie Land itself, it’s no surprise that the hype for Barbie was huge all over the country!

Thanks to the Barbie marketing team that worked over time throughout the release of the film, there were loads of Barbie themed activities to do in London to get us all excited to see the film! For me, this film was long awaited, as I’m a huge fan of the director Greta Gerwig since her films detail girlhood and womanhood in a fresh and captivating way and Barbie was no exception.

Something I loved about the release of the film was how it encouraged us all to have a fun themed day, celebrating the wonders of girlhood! One of the first things I did when I booked my movie tickets was plan my outfit, of course I had to wear pink. I chose one of my favorite pink tops from Princess Polly and paired it with white linen trousers from H&M that are perfect for the summer. I accessorized with all my favorite pink jewelry, one of my favorite pieces ever, the Pink Gaudess Margot earrings. ✨💕✨ I mean nothing screams Barbie more than the Margot earrings with their playful pom poms, shiny acrylic pink logo and the fact that they’re totally a statement! And funnily enough they’re the namesake of the star actress for Barbie, Margot Robbie! What a wonderful coincidence. 🤩

My friends and I started our day by having a Barbie brunch, at the Daisy Green cafe in London! The girly aesthetic of this cafe was the perfect way to already start feeling like you’re a part of Barbie’s world.💗 After eating, we all went to the Barbie Pop Up in Selfridges.🎀 This was an amazing experience, as you truly felt like you were part of the Barbie’s world, in an actual doll house, there were also iconic designer outfits based of the ones shown in the film. My friends and I loved embracing our girly side at this event, looking around at sections that were inspired by the film and pretending like we were living in our very own Barbie dream house ! After that, we went to the cinema that was also in Selfridges which was completely transformed into a pink wonderland. We spent some time looking around the Barbie themed cinema and then soon enough, it was time to watch the film.💓

And what a film it was! My friends and I left the theater feeling sentimental yet also empowered. The Barbie film is undeniably memorable not only because of the picture perfect, iconic looks but also because of message it sends to everyone about girlhood.

GAUDESS is a brand that promotes and enables female empowerment across all generations and we are so pleased to see how a film can be so influential in sending out such an important message.✨💕


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