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GAUDESS®, is cleverly derived from the words, “Gaud;” meaning, brilliantly showy, and “Goddess;” A woman of extraordinary beauty and grace. In every GAUDESS® piece there is an orange, semi-precious, carnelian gemstone incorporated into the design. The properties of the carnelian gemstone (power stone), trademark that GAUDESS® promotes are: positive self-esteem, self empowerment/confidence, ambition, bold creative expression, and the insatiable, sensual, feminine being.


When you buy a product from GAUDESS®, you are officially an active Brand Ambassador. Meaning, you understand what the luxury brand is about and you make a commitment to truly love yourself, uplift and inspire others around you, and rock the brand with your own personal style.


Our mission is to inspire, uplift and boost self esteem to all who wear GAUDESS®. This is not just another luxury brand, but a luxury brand with meaning that will have a positive effect on those who wear it and others around them. When you 'choose' to purchase and wear a GAUDESS® design, you want to spread the love and make a difference with your positive energy. You are a part of something bigger…YOU ARE GAUDESS.


If you see another person wearing GAUDESS®, acknowledge them. If you have time, strike up a conversation…you never know how either one of you can make a positive impact in the others’ life. I guess you can say we are part of a club, a tribe, a sisterhood. We all are committed to the same thing and together we can make amazing things happen.


Thank you for purchasing our product(s) and being an inspiration to others!


Love & Light,





Amy Walko


Amy Walko Designer, CEO and Queen Bee of GAUDESS® has taken the brand to the next level using decades of life experience in design; fashion, interiors, jewelry, as well as business management at Zink Magazine and production design in the film industry. What sets Amy apart is that she embraces the challenge to fulfill her life’s purpose. The focus of her journey is empowering and inspiring other women, and in the process, sharing how she pulled herself into the light.


Amy designed a logo line for the GAUDESS® rebrand that emphasized her unique carnelian stone and its trademark properties. The GAUDESS® philosophy and core values are centered on bringing like minded women around the world together. We share our stories and come together through social media, GAUDESS® events, and organized charitable functions.


Amy’s proudest accomplishment is raising her two amazing children, Briel and Crittenden. She raised them as a single mother with hard work and absolute devotion to their upbringing. They give her strength, inspiration and a completely different perspective of the Millennial World vs the Baby Boomer. Her grown children never cease to amaze her. They are now actively pursuing their intellectual and artistic paths - and all 3 have a super close bond.


The values promoted by GAUDESS® are much more than words to Amy, that is why it is so important for her to pay her blessings forward. Amy donates to organizations close to her heart, organizations like Autism Speaks, Dress for Success, Heels to Heal, CASA, and Breast Cancer Awareness.


Adorn yourself - embrace your feminine powers- share your power with your sisters - be "Gaudy + Nice"






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